Local art on display at the Engine Room

A new season of local artwork is now on display at the Engine Room in Poundbury.

Curated by Dorset arts organisation Artwey, the exhibition sees a different pair of talented artists each month.

Lyn Kirkland's artwork on display at The Engine Room
Lyn Kirkland’s artwork on display at The Engine Room

It will showcase the work of established Dorset painters, so there is something for all to see while you tuck into lunch or tea. The monthly exhibition follows on from Artwey’s successful Art Trail that incorporated six venues in Poundbury earlier this year.

Artwey Directors, Olivia Nurrish and Carol Cruickshank say: “We were absolutely delighted with the response and support that we received from both artists and venues when we did the Art Trail here. Now we are really looking forward to returning and contributing to the cultural life of Poundbury.”

Artwork by Clare Francis Buckle

This month sees artwork on display from Lyn Kirkland and Clare Frances Buckle from now until the 2nd of October. Lyn is an encaustic wax artist, which is an ancient medium practiced by the Greeks and Egyptians.

While, Clare Frances Buckle is known for her painting, printmaking and jewellery.

The rest of the year is shaping up like this with exhibits from Liz Bowers and Pat Beeson in October, Di Pattinson and Olivia Nurrish in November and Cathy Warne and Betty Hoddinott in December.

For further information please visit the Artwey website www.artwey.co.uk


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