Poundbury History: North East Quadrant

Poundbury History:

Poundbury’s North East Quadrant under construction

Poundbury’s latest phase of development is the North East Quadrant and when complete will feature 550 new homes, a new school and businesses.

What is the North East Quadrant? 

Poundbury is constantly evolving and now the northern quadrants are beginning to take shape.

Nearly twenty five years into the build Poundbury is a hive of activity and on any given day there could be a total of 650 tradesmen and builders working to complete the latest phase.

On completion in 2022 the North East Quadrant will add an extra 550 homes, ranging from five- bedroom houses to one-bedroom apartments.

Addressing Poundbury’s progress to date during his visit in October 2016,  The Prince of Wales said: “It is difficult to believe that it has taken almost twenty-five years to get this far, but we have been fortunate in having the enthusiastic encouragement of West Dorset District Council, Dorset County Council and Dorchester Town Council, who have supported the concept from the very beginning.

“I very much hope to see Poundbury maturing, gracefully, over the next few years, as well as the exciting new phases which are on the horizon, and which, I hope, will be an enduring legacy for this beautiful part of England.”

In this latest quadrant a total of 48 homes have been built for shared ownership and discounted homes for first- time buyers. Many new properties in the North East Quadrant have been built by Morrish Builders, ZeroC and CG Fry & Son.

The new school for Poundbury and Dorchester

In the Spring 2017, Damers First School relocated here and become the first school in Poundbury after successful completion by BAM.

The next phase of Poundbury will be the Northern Quadrant.  If the planning application is successful, construction on the 350 homes will start next year. This will be followed by the last phase of construction in Poundbury, which is planned to start in 2022 to build the North West Quadrant.

By completion in 2025 it is expected that Poundbury will have increased Dorchester’s population by a quarter – 4,500 residents.


Damers First School opens
Damers First School opened in the Easter of 2017. 















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