Poundbury History: Queen Mother Square

Queen Mother Square

What was the inspiration for Queen Mother Square?

Queen Mother Square was designed by Quinlan and Francis Terry and Working Group Architects who intended the square to be the ‘central and most important’ square at the heart of the development.

When did work begin on Queen Mother Square?

It was initially designed as part of the master plan by Leon Krier in the initial plan set for Poundbury.

The south side of the square was completed in 2011 and later that year the Little Waitrose was officially opened by The Prince of Wales during one of his Royal visits.

What’s the origins of Jubilee Hall?

One of the recent architectural highlights is the rebuilding of Weymouth’s Jubilee Hall – which was demolished in 2006 – and discovered laying in a scrap yard. The building’s iron columns and glass ceiling have now been rebuilt inside the 4,000sq ft pannier building next to Little Waitrose.

Statue of the Queen Mother

Without a doubt, the main focal point of the square is the cast bronze statue of the late Queen Mother by internationally renowned sculptor Philip Jackson.

The 9’6’’ tall Poundbury statue is scheduled to be unveiled in the autumn of 2016. It is the exact casting of the Queen Mother’s statue standing in The Mall, which was unveiled in 2009 by Her Majesty The Queen.

It was chosen by The Prince of Wales who described the sculpture as “a fitting tribute to my darling grandmother.” The statue was officially unveiled during a special visit by HRH The Queen in October 2016.

Bowes Lyon Court

Another major construction is that of the 62 one and two bedroom assisted living apartments exclusively for the over 70s. Known as Bowes Lyon Court, the McCarthy & Stone development fronts Peverell Avenue West and is next to Waitrose and the iconic Queen Mother Square. 

There is also Poundbury Garden centre with a cafe and restaurant opposite this new development. Apartments were available to buy off plan from autumn 2015 and the first homeowners were welcomed in the spring of 2016.

Strathmore House

Another key development on Queen Mother Square is Strathmore House that will boast eight elegant and spacious new build apartments with private covered car parking. Located above two shops, Strathmore House completes the east side of Queen Mother Square.

Royal Pavilion

At the very core of the Queen Mother Square project is the Royal Pavilion, a residential block of 20 luxury apartments above a spa and shop. The building will be the highest in Poundbury, in accordance with the masterplan vision set out by Leon Krier in 1988.

The Duchess of Cornwall Inn

A brand new inn named after the Duchess of Cornwall was offficially opened by the Duchess of Cornwall in October 2016, on the same day as the special visit by HRH The Queen.The public house is a joint development between the Duchy of Cornwall and Dorset brewery company Hall & Woodhouse.

Hall & Woodhouse worked closely with the Duchy of Cornwall’s architects, Quinlan & Francis Terry, to ensure that The Duchess of Cornwall will be a fitting adornment to Queen Mother Square. Annabel Elliot, celebrated interior design and sister tot he Duchess of Cornwall consulted on the hotel room designs. 

The inn features 20 bedrooms as well as restaurant facilities and traditional public house offerings. Hall & Woodhouse, based in Blandford, has a network of more than 200 public houses throughout the south of England


Royal Visit, opening of Queen Mother Square and statue.
Picture Finnbarr Webster
Royal Visit, opening of Queen Mother Square and statue.
Picture Finnbarr Webster
Bowes Lyon Court, Poundbury.
Picture: Finnbarr Webster












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