Schools and Education

Schools and education

Dorchester has a good reputation for schools and education. The town’s growing population as a result of the Poundbury development has been addressed with the expansion of school places at all stages of education. Dorchester has adopted the three-tier education system.

What are the options for First School?

There are two primary schools in the catchment area for Poundbury: Damers First School and The Prince of Wales School. Both have ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted reports. Damers First School relocated from Damers Road to a new, purpose-built school in Poundbury during 2017.

There are also options to attend primary schools in Dorchester, including Manor Park CE First School  (Ofsted rated “Good” in 2015) and St Mary’s Catholic First School (Ofsted rated “Good” in 2010).

How do I choose a First School?

Poundbury is currently split into two catchment areas set by Dorchester County Council, which can change the boundaries each year. For Poundbury residents, south of Bridport Road is within the current catchment area for The Prince of Wales School with Damers First School the catchment school for housing north of Bridport Road and in particular the North East Quadrant area of Poundbury currently under development.

School admissions are handled by Dorchester County Council and parents/guardians need to apply for a school place from the September before their child is due to start school. Transfers for people moving to the area will also be handled by the council, click here to find out more



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