Pre Schools and Nurseries

Schools and Education: Pre-Schools and Nurseries

There are several options for childcare for babies and pre-school aged children. Poundbury is home to two nurseries: SunnyDays and SummerTime. Both accept babies from the age of 3 months through to pre-school children. Other nurseries in Dorchester include Chipmuncks and Dorchester Community Nursery.

Nurseries also have pre-school units for children in the two years before they start school. For school-aged children, Sunny Days offers a breakfast club which includes drop-off at their school in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon for after-school club.

The Prince of Wales First School has its own pre-school on site. The Prince of Wales Pre-School accepts children just before they turn three years of age until they start school. Children are divided into two classes; nursery (for ages 2-3) and pre-school (ages 3-4).

The Grove Pre-School Playgroup  on Damers Road (next to Dorchester Hospital) is an independent playschool for children just turning aged three until they start school. The Grove follows early years foundation level learning through ‘free-flow’ play both indoors and outdoors.



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