On the art trail in Poundbury with Open For Art 2017

This weekend sees Poundbury feature in an art trail called Open For Art, run by arts organisation Artwey.

The event runs from 20 May-4 June with over 80 artists and more than 40 venues that span Dorchester, Poundbury, Weymouth and Portland.

Professional artist Liz Wright who will be based at Gallery On The Square during Open For Art 2017

There are six venues in Poundbury to visit, with 11 established local Dorset artists showcasing their work, and entrance to all of the exhibitions is free.

Carol Cruickshank and Olivia Nurrish of Artwey

Artwey Directors, Olivia Nurrish and Carol Cruickshank say:“Over the years we have been requested by both artists and visitors to incorporate Dorchester and Poundbury into the Art Trail and we decided that now was the time. We are absolutely delighted with the response and support that we have received from both artists and venues and we are really looking forward to welcoming a new audience and contributing to the cultural life of Poundbury.” 

The painting At Lulworth by artist Angela Goodman who will be at Gallery On The Square

Bonjour Caf√© will feature Caroline Nairn’s semi-abstract mixed media representations of the land and seascapes of the west country. Around the corner, Roger Smith will be using up-cycled canvases to merge painting and photography in the unusual setting of local solicitors, Pardoes, on Queen Mother Square.

Meanwhile, Gallery on the Square will see professional artists Angela Goodman and Liz Wright. Across the road at the Engine Room there will be artwork from artists Ian Rowden, Genevieve Lane, Claire Benett and Merete Bates.

Then pop upstairs in the Garden Centre to visit Mary Quinton- Edwards and Maggie Wyman, who have shared their love of painting for over 20 years to produce modern and vibrant works.

Finally, next door in Olives Et Al is artist John Cullen who brings together drawing, painting and glass.

For more information visit the website www.artwey.co.uk


You can follow all the events at the Artwey Facebook page here.

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