Calling women of all ages – do you want to join a new Poundbury WI?

Women of all ages are being asked to go along to the inaugural meeting of a new Poundbury WI. 

The movement to set up a new WI is being led by Poundbury resident Lynda Kiss, who is a lifelong member of the Women’s Institute and thinks that Poundbury will be perfect for a new branch. 

Lynda, of The Buttermarket, said: “I have been in the WI my whole life and I’ve got so much out of it so I would love to share my experience

“I’m appealing to women of all ages to come along to an inaugural meeting to understand what we’re about and see if there’s enough interest to start a new Poundbury group, as part of the larger Dorset branch.”

Lynda said she joined the WI when she had young children and says one of the things she really likes is the mixed ages and the difference the younger members can make.

Members joining a WI group can expect various activities such as cooking and craft, educational talks as well as local and national events. if there is enough interest Lynda said it is possible to form two groups of different age groups. 

Lynda adds: “By joining the WI you make friends, get involved with the activities but really the WI gives women a voice and this is very important.”

New WIs are forming all over the country all of the time. The very basic requirements are a group of around eight or more interested women, three of whom are willing to assume the officers’ roles of PresidentSecretary and Treasurer.

The WI campaigns nationally and internationally for important issues such as gender pay gap, maternity services, climate agreements and all politics that affect women. 

What are the details of the fist meeting?

The inaugural meeting will be held on Wednesday 22 November at 7.30pm in The Quiet Space, Poundbury. 

To find out more information email Lynda at or call her on 01305 267392


Federation: Worcestershire

Location: Upton-upon-Severn

Date formed: May 2013

Number of members: 24

About this WI: Since its formation in May 2013, Hot Peppers WI has quickly become a well-known feature of the Worcestershire Federation of Women’s Institutes. Three members of Hot Peppers WI were also delighted to feature in the NFWI’s latest membership promotional leaflet.

Members include a wide range of professionals; from bakers to event organisers, as well as housewives and stay-at-home mums. Within a few months of forming, Hot Peppers WI was proud to announce that two WI babies were already on the way!

Members of Hot Peppers WI love to plan big and get noticed. Their ambition has driven them to promote WI membership and fundraise over £800 towards future activities through stalls and raffles at a number of local outdoor events. Constantly coming up with new ideas, members will also be taking part in activities such as life drawing and chocolate tasting as part of the 2014 programme.

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