CBBC’s Newsround films at local school

Damers First School welcomes TV crew to discuss their campaign to reduce single-use plastic bottles.

Children’s current affairs TV programme Newsround made a trip to Poundbury at the beginning of January to find out about the innovative eco work taking place at Damers First School.

The programme, due to be aired on CBBC on Thursday 1 February at 7.40am, spoke to pupils at the school’s Eco Club about their ‘Refill Poundbury’ scheme, where registered local shops and businesses fill water bottles free of charge for customers and visitors to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles thrown away each year.

The Newsround crew was impressed by the Eco Club’s efforts to reduce plastic waste and found out about the scheme after reading Celebrating Poundbury’s ‘Refill Poundbury’ article online.

Edd Moore, teacher at Damers First School and leader of the Eco Club, said Newsround presenter Martin Dougan and assistant producer Laura Pennington were keen to learn more about Poundbury as well as the school’s environmental work. Newsround researchers said the school was chosen to take part in its report on plastic waste because its work, driven by the pupils themselves, is so unique.

The Newsround team interviewed the children and filmed the Damers pupils walking to Caf√© on the Green, one of the businesses signed up to the ‘Refill Poundbury’ initiative, to fill up their water bottles.

‘Refill Poundbury’ was launched by the school’s Eco Club in November 2017, supported by Litter Free Coast and Sea. The Eco Club wrote to all Poundbury businesses, explaining how they wanted to help reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles that pollute the environment and coast. The pupils signed up 18 businesses in Poundbury to launch the scheme.

By signing up to the national Refill scheme, Poundbury becomes one of just 13 towns and cities with a Refill programme in place.

‘Refill Poundbury’ is one of several initiatives taken on by the school’s Eco Club. This term the pupils launched an eco turtle cleaning station, which dispenses environmentally-friendly household cleaners provided by Delphis to sell to Damers families. In line with its war on plastic, the team use Delphis’s reusable bottles, which are the UK’s first to be made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles and can be refilled at the eco turtle station run by pupils.

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