Your chance to see inside the majestic Strathmore House this weekend

Every day people stop admire the recently completed Strathmore House in Queen Mother Square.

Strathmore House, Queen Mother Square
Strathmore House, Queen Mother Square

And now is your chance is£† to see in side when Parkers Property Consultants open the new show home.

From 10am until 3pm on Saturday 3o April Strathmore House’s show home will open to anyone interested in the iconic building.

Poundbury branch manager Samantha Cook said: “Parkers are delighted to welcome you to the opening of our new Show Home. This will be a wonderful opportunity to find out more about this exciting new development.”

Heritage of Strathmore House

Built by ZeroC and designed by the leading classical architects Quinlan & Francis Terry, Strathmore House has pride of place on one of the finest new squares to be built in Britain for this decade. Classically inspired, traditionally specified, yet with all the benefits of 21st century living, Strathmore House incorporates just eight elegant and spacious new build apartments with private covered car parking.

The architects of Strathmore House

Quinlan and Francis Terry are architects who specialise in high quality Classical architecture and traditional construction. Their design philosophy is to make the new buildings fit so well into their context that they look like they have always been there.

Strathmore House detailThey have worked on many significant projects both in the UK and overseas: these include the State Rooms at 10 Downing Street, Richmond Riverside, six classical villas in Regents Park for the Crown Estate Commissioners; six major buildings at Downing College, Cambridge, Merchants Square in
Colonial Williamsburg, the new Cathedral in Brentwood, the new Infirmary at Wren’s Royal Hospital Chelsea, a large mixed use development on Tottenham Court Road next to the Dominion Theatre, and Poundbury for the Duchy of Cornwall.
The senior partner Quinlan Terry has won numerous awards for classical architecture including the European Prize for the Reconstruction of the
City from Archives d’Architecture Moderne, The Building of the Year Award 1994 and the Arthur Ross award in 2002, the Best Classical House award
from the Georgian Group 2003 and the Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture in 2005.

For more information about Strathmore House contact Parkers on 01305 340860 or email

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