Easter Egg hunt in the Buttermarket attracts crowds of families

Easter1Scores of families braved the rain for the annual Easter Egg hunt in Poundbury.

In the last few years the annual Easter Egg Hunt organised by Charlie Polley at Boos Toy Shop in the Buttermarket has become one of the biggest events in Poundbury.

Despite the Bank Holiday rain showers this year scores of families flocked from miles around to join in on the festivities.

Participants were invited to find all the hidden egg stickers in all the shop fronts nearby and the Easter Bunny was be on hand to help.

This was the third year that traditional toy shop owner Charlie Polley had organised the event.

She said: “The Easter Egg Hunt is one of my favourite events as it’s all about giving back to our lovely supporters.

“Even this year the weather was against us but people still came out to support us. It’s great to see all our lovely customers having a great time.”

The event raised money for local playgroup Cheeky Monkeys to buy new toys for its weekly community group.

Visit the Boos Toy Shop Facebook page for more details.

Boos Toy Shop is located at 8 Buttermarket, Poundbury


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