Five new homes proposed for Poundbury

Previous development by ZeroC at St .John's Way
The previous development by ZeroC at St .John’s Way, situated close to proposed new site.

Located at the end of Whitfield Road, the proposed development is for five new dwellings comprised of four affordable flats and one private flat over garages.

The site will include the space currently occupied by a Magna Housing Association garage block to be demolished and an access driveway from Whitfield Road.

ZeroC Holdings Ltd have submitted the plans with the site close to another of their developments on St John’s Way.

According to the planning application, the layout and scale will see: “The new project adjoining a separate proposal for St. John Square will complete development along the southern edge of the Great Field at Poundbury.

“It has been designed to have the presence and mass to mediate between the recently completed crescent of houses running down the hill and the larger scale medical centre and will impose itself on St. John Square and express its function as a gateway between Poundbury and the earlier Dorchester housing around Whitfield Road.

“In so doing, it will provide an interesting pedestrian shortcut to St. John Square, the medical centre, the Great Field and onward to the new school.”

The appearance of the new development is said to adhere to Leon Krier’s master plan for Poundbury.

“The individual design of the dwellings references some of the great architects of the Arts & Crafts movement, most obviously Voysey and Mackintosh. Borrowing from their creative genius provides a kit of parts for an instant vernacular. It is in this strength of reference that the traditional vision of the master plan is realised.

“The architectural treatment will continue the already established style with white rendered walls, steep pitched roofs and the insertion of half-timbering over the access arch. Affordable housing will transform the existing row of dilapidated garages at the head of Whitfield Road and will itself provide a picturesque fa√ßade with two half towers framing the way through.”



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