Join a free art performance at Maumbury Rings

Whatever the weather, Landance will present a free open-air promenade performance on Saturday 2nd September starting in the Maumbury Rings in Dorchester.

Dancers from national company Impermanence Dance Theatre, together with local youth dancers, live music, costume and lighting, will animate this performance which starts in Dorchester’s Neolithic henge at 7.45pm, then leads the audience into an atmospheric urban landscape as darkness descends.

Since 2006 Landance has commissioned professional artists and performers to create dance performances in outstanding landscapes. Landance performances aim to extend the audience’s experience of art
and landscape, enlivening it with the relationship between people and rural environment, providing a lasting memory of place.

As part of each Landance project, professional dance artists lead workshops in local schools, drawing inspiration from each project’s creative connections with place and focusing on depth of engagement.

Last summer Landance edged into the urban environment, exploring Maumbury Rings and the nearby market area in a research and development phase with dance artists and in youth dance workshops, leading to this year’s inclusive performance project.

In 2012, Landance drew 750 audience members across two highly atmospheric performances on the ancient hill fort of Eggardon Hill, as part of the Cultural Olympiad, and in 2014, four fully booked performances took place in the Valley of the Stones near Littlebredy.

This year’s Landance performance, in partnership with Dorchester Library & Learning Centre and delivery partners Dorchester Arts, invites audiences on an enticing exploration from the rural into the urban environment and this one-off performance is not to be missed. Tickets are free but please reserve in advance at


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