How to create the perfect hanging basket by Lucy at Poundbury Gardens

Create a perfect hanging basket in a few easy steps
Create a perfect hanging basket in a few easy steps

Every month we talk to the experts at Poundbury Gardens to see what we should be doing in our gardens. Manager Lucy Simpson gives us her tips for hanging baskets for June.

What better than a bold splash of colour hanging beautifully on the front of your house to brighten your days through the summer.

It is so easy to create such a basket. The secret is not to be afraid to use lots of plants and as big a basket as you can manage. The greater the volume of compost you can hold the better the show will be.

In The Gardens Group when we plant up an average 14 inch basket we use something like 30 plants or more, yes 30 plants! They will all grow happily together and with good feeding and watering will give a fantastic show to rival any of your neighbours.

Moss is the best looking material to line your basket and place a disc of plastic inside the base to reduce the loss of water. Use a good peat based compost and mix in some water retaining granules, osmocote (slow release fertilizer) and fill the basket to the top. Then when you plant dig out a small hole for each plant, you will find this so much less fiddly than trying to put compost back in and around each plant.

When planting start with the centre piece, then leave a gap and plant the edge. Finally infill with the filler plants to create a full look. This order of planting will make life much easier for you, exactly why is a mystery but we make a 1000 or more each year and it works.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables this year
Grow your own fruit and vegetables this year

Which plants?
A selection of plants to try a for each position are: Centre Pieces ñ Zonal Geraniums, Upright Fuchsias (for shade), Infillers ñ busy lizzies, phlox, nemesia, petunia, begonia, diascia, dianthus and for around the to trail try trailing fuchsia, trailing geraniums, bacopa, lobelia, helichrysum, verbena, diascia, to name just a few.

Top tips for a colourful basket all summer
The following instructions on caring for your basket will provide the basis for a profusion of colour throughout the summer.

1. It is essential to keep your hanging baskets (and tubs) well watered at all times, providing about a gallon a day per basket.
2. Using a high potash feed such as Tomorite will encourage lots of flowers, apply about once a week.
3. Deadhead by removing spent flowers at regular intervals.

We want to see your baskets. If you have one your are particulary pleased with send us a your photos at



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