Green award for Prince of Wales School

Environmentally-minded pupils from the Prince of Wales School have been awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag, making them officially one of the most sustainable schools in the country.  

The Prince of Wales School now joins Poundbury’s Damers First School and schools in over 50 countries worldwide, from Kenya and Kazakhstan to the US and Australia, to have earned the prestigious award. 

The Eco-Schools programme guides schools along a pathway of sustainable improvements, helping them to enhance the school surroundings, save money and reduce their impact on the environment. The work is led by pupil action teams who co-ordinate eco projects around the school.  It’s a chance for pupils to not only learn about and take action on today’s environmental challenges but also to practise leadership skills like teamwork and public speaking, and help build a thriving school community. 

Lead Teacher in Eco Schools Project, Duncan MacBean told Celebrating Poundbury: “The children in our school’s Eco Team have worked tremendously hard. They are all very knowledgeable about environmental issues facing our world. They are passionate about taking an active role and being a part of the solution. They are already busy trying to make a difference.”

Fantastic Eco-projects at the Prince of Wales School have been brought into the curriculum. Additional activities this year have included litter-picking campaigns, numerous activities to promote recycling and composting, creating a ‘green procurement policy’, holding ‘switch-off days’ and being involved in a film made by Communities Living Sustainably.

The Green Flag Assessor, Sarah Wilberforce, commented on how enthusiastic the children in the Eco team were during her visit and how knowledgeable they are about environmental issues

The Prince of Wales School was supported along the way by Dorset County Council through the Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset, a three-year Big Lottery sponsored project in West Dorset aimed at helping all members of the community adapt to climate change and adopt more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  


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