Network Dorset milestone after generating £2million for members

Network Dorset meeting at the Engine Rooms
Network Dorset meeting at the Engine Rooms

Based in Poundbury, Network Dorset has established itself as one of the leading networking platforms for business in the area and has generated more than £2million for members.£†

In only three years, the group has attracted varied and diverse businesses from across Dorset.

The group was born out of the need for a professional networking group in Dorset that combined excellent business practice with a laid back and a no-pressure environment.

They meet every Thursday at The Engine Room Restaurant from 7-9am for a relaxed chat over breakfast where each member has the opportunity to pitch his or her business and particular needs for that week.

The purpose of the group is to pass business opportunities to each other through their own networking efforts or those of our peers, families, associates and clients.

When averaged out, each member benefits from approximately £300 worth of business being passed at each weekly meeting.

They do this through a 60 second talk where you get the chance to not only pitch your business or service but also to improve your public speaking skills.

Each week, they also have a 10-minute speaking slot that allows members to build upon their one-minute talk and give a full presentation of their business.

Andrew Jones, of A R Jones Accountancy and Network Dorset committee member said: “Networking is not just about making a sales pitch, but more importantly getting to know one another, building relationships with members, and supporting each in the local business environment. The strong bonds that we build means that the quality of the work that we pass to each other, and the mutual benefit for everyone involved, is much greater.”

Future events will include sessions from guest speakers. A real advantage to joining the networking group is the social aspect, which gives members the chance to get to know each other better.

It also allows them to invite clients or potential Network Dorset members to the function in the hope of doing more business.

Run as a not-for-profit group, the fees received from members go towards expanding the group and for social functions such as evenings out, pub quizzes, Christmas dinners and£†clay pigeon shoots.

To find out more about the networking group and to register for the next event, call 01305 755618 or visit

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