Photo slideshow: Discovering the North East Quadrant

Today we went out into the North East Quadrant to give you an insight of this new quadrant. 

Every day in this quadrant hundreds of tradesmen are working to construct the latest phase of development. On completion in 2019 this quadrant will have delivered an extra 550 homes, ranging from five bedroom houses to one-bedroom apartments. A total of 35% of the homes are built for affordable rent, shared ownership and discounted homes for first time buyers.

This Easter the popular Damers First School will relocate to the North Eastern Quadrant, alongside a new church for the Dorchester Community Church. 




What is next?

The next phase of Poundbury will be the Northern Quadrant. If the planning application is successful, construction of the 350 homes will commence next year. The North West Quadrant is the last phase of construction in Poundbury which is planned to start in 2022. By completion in around 2025 it is expected that Poundbury will have increased Dorchester’s population by a quarter, that is 4,500 residents, and created a similar number of jobs.

Outline planning permission was granted by West Dorset District Council in December 2011 for the remainder of Poundbury (4ha), which will cover the northern and western perimeters.


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