Zak takes the art world in his stride

Talented young Poundbury artist Zak Trevett has recently collaborated with fashion brand, Vans.

Celebrating Poundbury first met Zak back in 2015 and has been closely following this rising star.

Celebrating Poundbury, artist Zac Trevett.
Picture: Finnbarr Webster

The 16-year old has earned international acclaim appearing in Rolling Stone magazine and been described as a ‘world class artist’ by his idol the Californian artist for Santa Cruz Skateboards – Jim Phillips.

In fact, Jim has personally mentored Zak for the last seven years adding: “He is an outstanding young artist, whose work I believe will become iconic before long.”

Zak’s artwork can now be seen at Vans Bournemouth, where he has several unique trainer designs currently on show at the store.

Zak Trevett trainer design at Vans Bournemouth
Zak Trevett trainer design at Vans Bournemouth

Greg Moors, manager of Vans Bournemouth says: “We first met Zak when he came in to the shop with his Dad several years ago and got chatting. We’ve had an annual art event in the store for the last five years and it was a natural thought to invite Zak.”

Last year Vans Bournemouth threw down the gauntlet to local artists to put their designs on a giant size 66 Vans trainer.

“He was 15 at the time and completely different from the other artists who had a background of tattoo artistry, graphic design and illustration. Zak is incredibly focused and blew us away with his design,” added Greg.

After the exhibition Zak caught the attention of fashion brand Animal, who are based in Poole. After a spell of work experience there, some of Zak’s work is believed to be going into production.

This summer has seen Zak design another exclusive trainer for Vans Bournemouth that is currently on show.

Zak Trevett with staff at Vans Bournemouth
Zak Trevett with Sarah Hallsworth and Matt Clark of Vans Bournemouth

Greg says: “Zak’s shoe is by our till point with customers often gobsmacked at the quality of the design.

It’s a real challenge to put artwork on a shoe, as it’s not a flat surface and you have to take the grain of the canvas into consideration. Zak is a natural talent and we’ve even seen new skills such as airbrushing being used.”

Zak plans to continue his art development skills through sixth form at Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester.

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Meet Zak Trevett – the 15 year old with extraordinary vision

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