Poundbury business owner in dramatic reunion

The BBC has recently featured the dramatic story of Poundbury business owner Peter Owen of Blueberry Mortgages.

Following an online campaign, Peter was reunited with Andy Steggles who he saved from drowning 44 years ago as a small child in Birmingham. The BBC filmed the emotional reunion and talked to Peter about that fateful day he had given resuscitation and first aid on the scene alongside his friend Anne Morgan.

Peter Owen (owner of Blueberry Mortgages) reunited with Andy Steggles
Peter Owen (owner of Blueberry Mortgages) reunited with Andy Steggles

Peter told the BBC: “I acted on instinct at the time and didn’t think before jumping into the river to save Andy.”

Mr Owen added: “I was very honoured when I received the certificate for bravery in 1973 and didn’t think for a moment I would ever meet Andy again. The reunion with him, some 40-years later and to hear what he has achieved was incredible.”

Since his rescue in 1973, Andy Steggles emigrated to America where he has set-up a successful business 

Peter owns and runs Blueberry Mortgages and Blueberry Wealth, which is located on Widcombe Street in Poundbury and employs over 60 individuals around the country not to mention 40 staff working locally.

You can see the BBC video here.


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