Poundbury’s Great Field Consultation: What do you want on The Great Field?

Boys playing at The Great Field, Poundbury,
Boys playing at The Great Field, Poundbury,

Members of the community will soon have the chance to shape proposals for The Great Field in Poundbury.

The Duchy of Cornwall is bringing forward plans to provide new recreational, outdoor facilities for the residents of Poundbury and Dorchester.

Before the plans are drawn up, the local community will be consulted on what new facilities they would like to see on the site.

Estate Director Ben Murphy said: “We’re very much looking forward to working with the local community to create something special, for residents of all ages to enjoy. The Duchy of Cornwall understands the importance in investing in community life, and we are now in a position to deliver much-needed facilities, supported by the local community.”

At a Poundbury Residents Association a few weeks ago Mr Murphy and the consultation team told local residents that this was their opportunity to help create something special for Poundbury.

He added: “We’re asking for the community’s help to tell us what they would like to see on The Great Field. This could be walking, running and cycling routes, a children’s play area, sports equipment, flower meadows, and facilities for young people such as a skate park or BMX track, amongst many other opportunities.

“The Great Field consultation is a chance to be part of improving where you live and I encourage everyone to come along to the workshop and exhibition to have their say.”

Based on local feedback, The Duchy of Cornwall and leading landscape designers, fabrik, will create a bespoke outline masterplan.

The Duchy of Cornwall will be holding two drop-in consultation events, including a public workshop to shape the masterplan, followed by a public exhibition for further feedback before submitting a planning application to West Dorset District Council.

Earlier this year The Great Field was provisionally offered £220,786  of a £600,000 joint application to enhance facilities for the community on The Great Field. This funding is derived from of a pot of S106 Funding accumulated from contributions made by The Duchy of Cornwall to fund recreation facilities for Poundbury and the wider community of Dorchester.


Mayor Susie Hosford of Dorchester Town Council said: “Once completed, The Great Field will be Dorchester’s largest public open space, and we have chance to provide the kind of facilities that make it a real destination for both locals and visitors alike. It is really important that residents from in and around the town take this opportunity to help shape how The Great Field will be used.”

William Gibbons Chairman of the Poundbury Residents Association added: “The Poundbury Residents Association is delighted The Duchy of Cornwall are proposing to invest in new facilities on The Great Field and run a thorough engagement process through the appointment of independent consultants. Everyone is welcome to have their say at the workshop and public exhibition. We look forward to seeing the scheme develop with input from the local community.” 


The workshop will be held on Monday 13th November 2017 at The Quiet Space, Woodlands Crescent, Poundbury, DT1 3RQ. The community is invited to drop-in anytime between 2pm and 8pm to express their thoughts on what should be included in the plans.

The public exhibition will be held on Monday 11th December 2017 at The Quiet Space, Woodlands Crescent, Poundbury, DT1 3RQ. The community is invited to drop-in anytime between 2pm and 8pm to see the outline masterplan and provide feedback.


To contact the team leading the consultation

Call: 0800 840 2750 (between 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday)

Email: info@poundburygreatfield.co.uk

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