Poundbury’s very own Coupon Queen

This remarkable Dorchester schoolgirl has gone from retail assistant to TV star and expert blogger in just four years. 

For most 20 year olds being left in serious debt would be a major crisis. But for former Dorchester schoolgirl Emma Mumford it was the inspiration she needed to save thousands and start the UK’s couponing revolution.

Considering Emma only started blogging about her money saving tips four years ago, she is now followed
by nearly half a million fans, appears regularly on ITV’s This Morning and well and truly deserves the title of The Coupon Queen.

Poundbury’s Emma Mumford who is known as The Coupon Queen

Surprisingly Emma manages to do this from her Poundbury at in the South East Quadrant. There she sits day after day broadcasting on YouTube to thousands and keeping on top of the UK market through social media and blogs.

A former Thomas Hardye schoolgirl, Emma describes how it all started when her relationship broke down and she was left facing £7,000 debt.

She was working part time and said: “It was a really daunting time for me, it felt like a massive amount of money.

“I started cutting back and thinking of ways to save money and became fascinating with something called extreme couponing in America.”

It was then that Emma started searching for deals, saving supermarket vouchers, voucher codes and saving herself lots of money. Encouraged by friends and family she set up a website, newsletter and starting telling the public how to do it.

“At first I couldn’t see it kicking off and wasn’t sure if anyone would listen to me,” she admits.

“But two months later I had 10,000 likes on Facebook and all of a sudden everyone was interested and I started getting a huge national following.”

Whilst she was still working part- time in Next in Dorchester, Emma’s hobby became her business and she formally started her company – Extreme Couponing and Deals UK in 2013.

She soon started earning money from blogging in 2014 and decided to make a life saving decision to go for it and leave her retail job.

“It was a huge leap of faith for me but just a few months later and I knew I’d made the right decision.”

By then she’d cleared her debt and was finding that people were fascinated how she’d done this in such a short period of time.

“It happened really by cutting back, being thrifty every day and now I never pay full price.

“I now save money so that I can buy the nice things I want in life.”

Four years down the line and Emma is a regular on This Morning and often compared to the likes of her idol Martin Lewis – The Money Saving Expert.

Emma regular appears on ITV’s This Morning

She says: “My life has changed dramatically. It is surreal for me to be asked to speak as an expert all the time.”

It is plain to see Emma’s business ethic, but surprising to hear that her only relevant qualification is Business GCSE and A Level.

Emma’s future plans involve writing a book and doing more broadcast and TV work.

Locally most people aren’t aware of this Dorchester schoolgirl’s success. Customers she served whilst working
at Lloyds Bank, EE, Next and Starbucks probably wouldn’t recognise the internet sensation she’s become. In such a short time she’s changed from retail assistant to an entrepreneur who now runs three companies and is known as The Coupon Queen.

She adds: “If I think back to my life four years ago, I just didn’t know where I was going in life. Little did I know that a bad relationship break up would lead to a remarkable opportunity and a business that would make all my dreams come true.”

As a proud resident of Poundbury Emma says: “I love it here, the atmosphere, the architecture and
the community. I was brought up in Dorchester and I am happy to stay and commute when I can. For me this is my little London!”

For more information and money-saving tips you can visit her website www.excoupuk.com

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